About us

Established in January 2017 as a simple blog site, Blokepedia set out with a very simple vision – to promote and encourage conversation around the issues and topics that impact the lives of Australian men. 

Within a short time, Blokepedia was running events and workshops, alongside a range of online resources.

With the Blokepedia gaining traction, Blokepedia enlisted the support of leading health professionals, working together with them on projects and initiatives that aim to address improved health outcomes of Australian men. 

The simple blog quickly grew, largely driven by feedback from the community; men, and their families looking for more opportunities to connect, discuss some of the key health issues and life events that affect men, and identify effective strategies to address life’s challenges and lead healthier lifestyles.

Today, Blokepedia continues to provide a unique mix of online and face-to-face resources for the community, as well as working with businesses to deliver an inclusive range of solutions that support the health and wellbeing of individuals and teams.