passionate about improving the lives of Australian men

We are dedicated to improving the lives of Australian men. Our team includes expertise and experience in psychology, training facilitation, HR consultation, and change management.

Our Team

Josh Quarmby

Founder & Director

Dr. Clive Williams


Clive Alcock

Principal Consultant

Carl Nelms

Associate Consultant

Our Story

Blokepedia was started as a blog site in January 2017 by Josh Quarmby with the aim of promoting and encouraging conversations around the issues and topics that impact the lives of Australian men.
Motivated by a desire to create real change for the individuals Blokepedia works with, Josh enlisted the support of leading health professionals to create a range of solutions aimed at providing the tools and supports needed to enhance health and wellbeing.
What originally started as a simple blog quickly grew into a unique mix of online and face-to-face resources.
Today, Blokepedia works alongside businesses and the community to deliver workplace training, programs, and events that empower and support individuals to optimise their social, emotional, and physical health.
It is our mission to create positive change for men, their families, and the community through opportunities for connection, learning, and individual development.