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We draw on change management and adult learning principles to understand and address the health and wellbeing challenges facing your people.


Providing access to online courses, webinars, and video content The Hub will empower and support your employees to optimise their social, emotional, and physical health.

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Through an approach that draws on the knowledge and experience of leading experts and health professionals, our solutions will provide your workforce with practical skills and strategies described in everyday language.

Latest News and Stories

Blokepedia and the Importance of Men Having Conversations That Matter

The importance of men opening up and sharing their stories with each other is about more than just mental health. It’s about community. It’s about connecting.

How I Look Is Not How I Feel

Mike Morrison hid his condition for years as he did not want to be professionally prejudiced. “For years how l looked was not how I felt but I dare not saying anything as being bulletproof was all part of the act. I was a good actor. I’ve now stopped acting and started living.”

Dads Get The Blues Too

Around 10% of new dads suffer from PPD, but it’s still under the radar. One reason it’s hidden is that symptoms can easily be misinterpreted or dismissed.